P4-AR Magazine (30 cap)

Magazine manufactured by Behring Applied Technology
P4 AR magazine.png
P4-AR Magazine (30 cap)
ManufacturerBehring Applied Technology (BEHR)
Base price12 aUEC
Mass0.5 kg
Production stateIntroduced in Alpha 3.0
Ammo count30

The P4-AR Magazine (30 cap) is a 30-round magazine for the P4-AR Rifle. It is manufactured by Behring Applied Technology[1]

In-game description

This magazine for the Behring P4-AR rifle holds thirty 5.56mm cartridges.


The P4-AR Magazine (30 cap) was reworked in Alpha 3.0.[2] The current P4-AR was adapted by CIG from what was previously called the P4-SC which is said to be collapsible, due to being more like an assault rifle than an SMG. Meanwhile, the old unseen P4-AR was either shelved or repurposed as another gun.[citation needed]



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