Character in Star Citizen
Race Vanduul
Gender Male
Role Ace Pilot
Faction Vanduul
Military Service
Rank Clan Prime

Payday is a Vanduul clan prime first identified in 2683, one of the first ace pilot the UEE ever faced. It quickly established itself as a brilliant and adaptive foe, and UEE pilots began to collect a pool for the Vanduul ace's death. Needless to say, the ace survived all of those early pilots. The collection continued to grow and the handle was born. Many UEE pilots have been taken in by Payday's apparently slow combat style but when it pulls the trigger every shot goes where it wants it to. Payday's handle eventually took on a different meaning, referring to the death benefits that the Messer Era would pay out to the pilots who misguidedly sought their fortune against him.

He was recreated in Vanduul Swarm in Arena Commander as an enemy.[1]


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