People's Alliance of Levski

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People's Alliance of Levski
Headquarters Levski, Delamar, Nyx
Type Faction
Founded in 2655
Focus Nation State

The People's Alliance of Levski is a fringe group that aims to create an equal, self-sufficient society separate from the government of the UEE. It's a place to go for missions outside the law and for black market goods, but it's also home to radicals, rebels, free-thinkers and those who just don't want to be bothered with Earth's bureaucracy. Humans on the frontier feel betrayed by the actions of the Messers and have adopted a once-bitten strategy when it comes to the UEE. And no one is going to tell you they're wrong. The Alliance possesses a set of six altruistic community rules for its inhabitants that sound much more like an attempt to build a better world than smuggle narcotics.


In 2655, a small group of activists sought to escape the totalitarianism of the Messers and found refuge in Delamar's vacated mining facility. The remote location seemed an ideal stronghold in which to start again. They named the facility Levski in honor of the ancient Earth revolutionary Vasil Levski who shared their dream of an egalitarian society.


Declaration of Intent

We, the People's Alliance of Levski, are dedicated to the creation and continual development of a truly egalitarian community, where all sentients may feel safe and free to express ideas while supporting each other towards the communal goal of enlightened self-sufficiency.

Visitors are expected to respect our beliefs and are encouraged to adopt them into their own life after they've gone.

All visitors should:

  • Never denigrate another's views or ideas. We are all entitled to our own beliefs.
  • Not attempt to profit from, exploit, or instigate plans to deprive anyone of their goods or health.
  • Not pursue a UEE agenda while within our community.
  • Agree to resolve conflicts in a nonviolent manner.
  • Agree to spend time (no matter how little) thinking about what you have done today to make the universe a better place.
  • Even if you disagree with us, you will respect our right to life.

Additionally, any person found engaging in infractions of the above felonies and misdemeanors will be met with fair but swift justice.

Extent of Influence

The People's Alliance controls space around the dwarf planet Delamar and countless asteroid clusters in its vicinity.

Felony Fine Escalated Fine CrimeStat Increase
Assaulting Security Personnel
Destruction of Vehicle
Evading Arrest
Failure to Comply
Harboring a Fugitive
Escaped from Custody
Attempted Escape from Custody
Actively Incarcerated
Aggravated Assault
Insurance Fraud
Operating a Stolen Vehicle
Resisting Arrest
Trespassing (First Degree)
Unauthorized Computer Access
Unauthorized Interdiction
Misdemeanor Fine Escalated Fine
Parking Violation 250 aUEC
Tresspassing (Second Degree) 1250 aUEC
Battery (First Degree) 7500 aUEC
Battery (Second Degree) 7500 aUEC
Failure to Comply 20000 aUEC
Possession of Class A Controlled Substance 2000 aUEC
Possession of Class B Controlled Substance 1250 aUEC
Possession of Class C Controlled Substance 250 aUEC
Trafficking of Class A Controlled Substance 5000 aUEC
Trafficking of Class B Controlled Substance 4375 aUEC
Possession of Class A Controlled Substance

(Note: No substances are categorized as Class A in this jurisdiction)

2000 aUEC
Possession of Stolen Property 1000 aUEC
Trafficking of Stolen Property 3750 aUEC
Possession of Prohibited Goods 5625 aUEC
Vehicular Collision 500 aUEC
Anauthorized Interdiction 7500 aUEC
Controlled Substances and Prohibited Goods

The People's Alliance does not restrict possession and trade of commodities within its jurisdiction.



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