People's Alliance of Levski

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People's Alliance of Levski
Headquarters Levski, Delamar, Nyx
Type Faction
Founded in 2655
Focus Nation State

The People's Alliance of Levski is a fringe group that aims to create an equal, self-sufficient society separate from the government of the UEE. It’s a place to go for missions outside the law and for black market goods, but it’s also home to radicals, rebels, free-thinkers and those who just don’t want to be bothered with Earth’s bureaucracy. Humans on the frontier feel betrayed by the actions of the Messers and have adopted a once-bitten strategy when it comes to the UEE. And no one is going to tell you they’re wrong. The Alliance posesses a set of six altruistic community rules for its inhabitants that sound much more like an attempt to build a better world than smuggle narcotics.


In 2655, a small group of activists sought to escape the totalitarianism of the Messers and found refuge in Delamar’s vacated mining facility. The remote location seemed an ideal stronghold in which to start again. They named the facility Levski in honor of the ancient Earth revolutionary Vasil Levski who shared their dream of an egalitarian society.