QDB-12 QuiKCade

Gadget manufactured by Clark Defense Systems
QDB-12-QuiKCade MonthlyReportZoom.png
QDB-12 QuiKCade
ManufacturerClark Defense Systems (CDS)
TypeUtility item
Production stateUnknown

Clark Defense Systems' QDB-12 QuiKCade is a deployable personal shield, capable of deflecting or absorbing a limited amount of incoming fire. When deployed on the floor, it expands into a barricade-height barrier for use as cover while allowing the user to see through it. Small 45-degree corners on either end guard against simple flanking maneuvers.[1] During Alpha 2.6.0, a QuiKCade could be seen in both Cubby Blast in Area18 and Skutters on GrimHEX.



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