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R97 Ballistic Shotgun

Personal weapon
R97 - x2 with 2 clips - Flat.jpg
R97 Ballistic Shotgun
ManufacturerGemini (GMNI)
UEC Cost1178-1389 aUEC
Range15/35 m
Ammo Count10
Damage TypeBallistic
Rate120/60 rpm

The Gemini R97 Ballistic Shotgun combines sleek design and stopping power for an elegant and effective close quarters weapon. This ballistic shotgun from Gemini features two distinct fire modes: a semi-auto widespread mode ideal for dealing quick damage and a focused mode that offers increased range at the expense of some power. This combat flexibility has made the R97 a popular personal defense weapon across the Empire.[1]

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Last updated with info from patch 3.8.

Location Store Price (aUEC)
GrimHex Skutters 1389
Area18 Cubby Blast 1178