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A03 Sniper Rifle

Sniper rifle manufactured by Gemini
Gemini A03 Sniper Rifle.jpg
A03 Sniper Rifle
ClassificationSniper rifle
ManufacturerGemini (GMNI)
Base price5,860 aUEC
Mass4 kg
Production stateIntroduced in Alpha 3.12
Damage typeBallistic
Effective range80 m
Fire rate90 rpm
Fire modeSingle
Caliber7 mm
Muzzle velocity800 m/s
MagazineA03 Sniper Rifle Magazine (15 cap)
OpticsOT8-RF (8x Telescopic) (S3 max)
BarrelEmpty (S2)
UnderbarrelEmpty (S2 max)

The A03 Sniper Rifle is a 7 mm, semi-automatic sniper rifle manufactured by Gemini. It has an effective range of 80 meters. It comes with the OT8-RF (8x Telescopic) optics in default loadout.[1]

In-game description

Devastate at distance with the A03 sniper rifle. Masterfully designed by Gemini's Tevarin co-founder Clem, the weapon balances a stylish and ergonomic design with a powerful ballistic punch. The A03 delivers an impressive rate of fire for a sniper rifle that sacrifices accuracy for urgency when successive shots are required. Considering its renowned design and unique features, it's easy to see why the A03 has become a favorite of security professionals across the empire.


Damage drop 0.10 / m
Max range 1600 m
Damage over distance
Type 0 m 100 m 200 m 400 m 800 m
Alpha 16 16 15.02 13.02 3.02
DPS 24 24 22.53 16.53 4.53

Buyable at

Last updated with info from patch 3.12.1.

Location Store Price (aUEC)
GrimHex Skutters 5860
Area18 CenterMass 5860
New Babbage CenterMass 5860


Image Name Description
A03 - Default - CutOut - Mesh BG.jpg
(Default) Classic Gemini Dark Grey colouring


Gemini A03 Sniper Rifle.jpg
Gemini A03 Sniper Image.jpg


The A03 Sniper Rifle is introduced in Alpha 3.12.[2]


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