OT8-RF (8x Telescopic)

Telescopic sight manufactured by Gemini
OT8-RF (8x) Telescopic sight - SCT Mesh BG.png
OT8-RF (8x Telescopic)
ClassificationTelescopic sight
ManufacturerGemini (GMNI)
Mass0.1 kg
Production stateIntroduced in Alpha 3.12
Zoom level8x
Zeroing range1,000 m
Auto zeroingYes

The OT8-RF (8x Telescopic) is a size 3 8x telescopic sight manufactured by Gemini. It has a max zeroing range of 1,000 meters and auto zeroing feature. It comes standard with the A03 Sniper Rifle. It is not available for purchase standalone in-game as of Alpha 3.12.[1]


The OT8-RF (8x Telescopic) is introduced in Alpha 3.12 under a placeholder name of [PH] OT4-RF (8x Telescopic) alongside with the A03 Sniper Rifle.[2]



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