RF1 (1x Reflex)

Reflex sight manufactured by Behring Applied Technology
RF1 1x Reflex.png
RF1 (1x Reflex)
ClassificationReflex sight
ManufacturerBehring Applied Technology (BEHR)
Mass0.1 kg
Production stateIntroduced in Alpha 3.9
Zoom level1x

The RF1 (1x Reflex) is a size 1 1x reflex sight manufactured by Behring Applied Technology. It is only available in Star Marine as of Alpha 3.12.0.[1]

In-game description

Perfect for close-quarter combat, the RF1 non-magnifying reflex optic was the first to use Behring's Hyper-Lumen substrate coating to ensure the aiming reticle could be seen in wide range of light conditions, day or night.


The RF1 (1x Reflex) was introduced in Alpha 3.9 and was only accessible in Star Marine.



  1. In-game survey in Alpha 3.12
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