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Refining is the process by which ore and other raw materials obtained from Mining are filtered and purified into a more valuable resource. These resources may then be transported and sold for higher profits. Citizens may choose a variety of methods of refinement, which each have different costs, efficiencies, and speeds.

Refining is conducted primarily at Refinery decks and, in the future, on certain ships such as the Orion, the Expanse, and the Galaxy with the Refinery Module.


Refining Process

The refining process is done through work orders, which can be dispatched at refining terminals located in the processing center. Different refining methods have different durations, costs and yield associated with them.

  • Speed: The speed at which the refining is done. All refinery jobs are completed in real-time, regardless of whether the Citizen is logged in or not.
  • Cost: The relative cost (in aUEC) of the refinery job, per unit of ore.
  • Yield: The bonus (or penalty) refined material provided after completion of the job.
Method Speed Cost Yield
Cormack Method High Moderate Low
Dinyx Solvention Very low Low High
Electrostarolysis Moderate Moderate Moderate
Ferron Exchange Low Moderate High
Gaskin Process High High Moderate
Kazen Winnowing Moderate Low Low
Pyrometric Chromalysis Low High High
Thermonatic Deposition Low Low Moderate
XCR Reaction High High Low

Once a work order has been completed, the refined ores will need to be loaded into one or multiple ships. After which they can be sold at a Trading Console.

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