Ruin Station

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Ruin Station.jpg
Ruin Station
Type Space Station
Classification Outlaw Hub
Former Terraforming Base
Orbits Pyro VI
Habitable Yes
Affiliation Outlaw
Owner [[Xeno Threat (present)
Pyrotechnic Amalgamated (former)]]
Constructed Late 25th century by Pyrotechnic Amalgamated

Ruin Station is an outlaw station populated by Pyro’s only permanent inhabitants. Originally built by Pyrotechnic Amalgamated to serve as a hub for their operations in the system, it was only in use by the company for a short time before it was abandoned along with any hopes of earning a profit from the desolate system.

Once the system was generally vacated by corporate, research and mining interests, the dilapidated station quickly fell into use as a meeting place for squatters, runaways and black market deal-making. It was around this time that it earned it moniker Ruin Station as many who traversed its crumbling halls did so with the risk of the station collapsing around them. Yet, despite the dangers, the hideaway’s popularity only grew. It was only a matter of time until it followed the same path as Spider, with outlaws gradually adding to the station’s infrastructure and developing a unique subculture. However, where Spider’s culture centers around honor among thieves, Pyro is based more around whoever has the most guns wins. Make no mistake: Ruin Station is not suitable for tourism, regular trade or even experienced bounty hunters seeking the thrill of combat. The outlaws that do crew the station are notorious for their use of violence. Recently release Advocacy reports list Xeno Threat as the current pack in control of the station, but this may change at a moment’s notice.

A highlight of Pyro’s dimly lit halls is Corner Four, a sequence of former research labs converted into drug factories and no-questions-asked medical treatment facilities. Neutrality, the station’s requisite dive bar, is the only arguably safe place on the station: armoured toughs called the Cousins keep the peace here, at least in so much as they are needed to protect the bar’s staff and facilities.[1]