Russel Valem

Character in Star Citizen
Russell Valem
Race Human
Gender Male
Born 2849 (before)
Died 2884-01-14
Role Inventor

Russell Valem was a human propulsion Inventor. He died during the presentation of his CHARIOT Engine prototype.[1]


Valem earned Equivalency in the age of 12. He studied at universities on Rhetor and earned his triple doctorate at 24. He finished his dissertation about "Theoretical Applications of Antimatter Propulsion." He researched the possibility of Engines equal or faster than light. In 2884 Valem presented his CHARIOT Prototype, build with the aid of Xi'an and Banu enterpreneurs.

CHARIOT Disaster

Valem was very careful with his knowledge, showed his plans not to other scientists in fear of being robbed and designed a prototype Ship for his purpose to demonstrate the CHARIOT Engine. He never tested the Engine before, based his research only on simulations. Originally, CHARIOT should reached a Speed equal to light.

On 2884-01-14 Valem wanted to demonstrate his invention to the scientific community and public. He chosed a stage over Angeli. Before he started the Ship he hold a speech to public. Moments before he started the drive his last words were "I leap forward to unveil the universe."

The CHARIOT Drive failed and exploded on the start pad, incinerated most of the ship and nearly destroyed the observation station, injured journalists and scientists aboard.


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