SC-1 LIDAR Grenade

Grenade manufactured by Behring Applied Technology
Radar Net Grenade.png
SC-1 LIDAR Grenade
ManufacturerBehring Applied Technology (BEHR)
Production stateUnknown

The SC-1 LIDAR Grenade is a LIDAR grenade manufactured by Behring Applied Technology. As of Alpha 3.12, it is not implemented in game.[1]

In-game description

The Behring SC-1 LIDAR allows users to understand the battlefield before entering it. Once activated in the field, it emits an omni-directional scan that maps everyone in its radius and then sends their precise positions to the operator.


The SC-1 LIDAR Grenade was known as the Radar Net Grenade in the old concept art. In Alpha 2.6, an EP-5 EMP Grenade can be seen in Skutters on GrimHEX.[2]


Radar Net Grenade.png
Behring Grenade sheet.jpg


  1. Datamined from Alpha 3.12
  2. In-game survey in Alpha 2.6
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