Kahix Missile Launcher

Missile launcher manufactured by Torral Aggregate
Kahix Rocket Launcher 2018-06-28 ATV.png
Kahix Missile Launcher
ManufacturerTorral Aggregate (TOAG)
ClassificationMissile launcher
Production stateIn production
Damage typeMissile
Effective range2000 m
Fire rate60 rpm
Fire modeSingle
Muzzle velocity900 m/s

The Kahix Missile Launcher ( Xi'an: o’noy.ithly’ehung Kee2hith(ro’noy.ithly’ehung Kē’hith) (Proper); )[1] is a Xi'an portable missile launcher manufactured by Torral Aggregate. It can be fired dumbfire or targeted mode, and utilize a variety of special missiles. It has an effective range of 2000 meters.[2] It is not available in game as of Alpha 3.17.4.[3]

In-game description

A powerful and portable large caliber projectile launcher from Torral Aggregate, the Kahix features two fire modes, dumbfire and targeted, and can utilize a variety of special missiles. This versatile Xi'an weapon is a perfect battlefield equalizer for ground troops, effective in a multitude of engagement scenarios and capable of dealing massive damage to ships and vehicles.


The Kahix is the first alien personal weapon in the game. It was developed for Squadron 42. The in-game model, texture, and shader is done by David Sibbe (Junior Weapon Artist) in Foundry 42 DE.[4] The pre-production of the weapon started in April 2017 by the weapon team in Foundry 42 DE,[5] and the full production started in November 2017.[6]


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