Human company in the entertainment, Spectrum network industry
SSN-CAtv Logo.png
IndustryEntertainment, Spectrum network
HeadquartersTerra, Terra
Area servedUnited Empire of Earth
Founded2458 CE; 496 years ago (2458)
PredecessorSheridan Special News Television (SSNtv), Communication Alliance (CA)

SSN/CAtv is a Spectrum network that publishes news, political analyses, commentary programs and talk shows. It was founded as part of a merger between Sheridan Special News Television (SSNtv) and Communication Alliance (CA) in 2458. It was the first news company to broadcast to the entire UEE.[1]


SSNtv was the first Earth based news network to broadcast to Mars and was the dominant Human news network until the discovery of the Croshaw system in 2271. With humanity expanding into other planetary systems SSNtv's communication satellites couldn't keep up and content delays could be weeks. The long content delays caused rival network CA to be established on Reisse in 2398 to close the gap. CA's reach was rapidly expanding beyond that of SSNtv's, which lead SSNtv to struggle. In 2458, SSNtv accepted a merger proposal from CA and SSN/CAtv was founded.[1]

Their initial focus was mainly on news but in 2522 they ventured into politics by purchasing Showdown!. And later on in 2529 provided ground coverage of the Unified Currency Riot. At the start of the Messer Era the network took a hard pro-government stance and Deacon Messer became one of the network's bigger shareholders in 2601. At this point they had become a UEE propaganda machine. During the power struggle between Astrid Messer and Samuel Messer, multiple reporters harshly criticized the Messers infighting. Which lead to Astrid Messer conducting mass arrests and censoring the majority of the networks programs in 2699. When Samuel Messer took office in 2701 he removed the censorship of the network but required that all content had to be approved before airing.[1]

SSN/CAtv insiders started helping anti-Messer activists as early as 2702 and would continue to do so. In 2792 they would publish information about the massacre of Garron II alongside a message from the anti-Messer group Tide.[1]


Name Details
Showdown! A debate program hosted by Eria Quint.[2]
Plain Truth Investigative journalism focusing on more controversial topics.[3]
Empire Report A daily Spectrum news channel.[4]
SSN/CAtv Nightly News A companion to Empire Report which focuses on more local news.[5]


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