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Showdown! is a talk-show produced by SSN/CAtv and hosted by the Spectrum broadcasting service.


The program was created and moderated by Upsana Dixit in 2511. It was later purchased by Angeli on Air in 2521 and converted into a Spectrum broadcast. One year after Angeli on Air acquired the show, Spectrum network SSN/CAtv bought it from them. They would drop the host for the show, which lead to lower ratings. However in 2524 Dixit returned as host and ratings climbed. They would covered many issues including: first contact with the Xi'an, First Tevarin War and the promotion of Ivar Messer to Prime Citizen. Dixit would retire in 2546 stating that she did not want to lead debates of the pros and cons of facisim. The new host Inácio Santos Melo would take stand against the debaters, this resulted in increased popularity of the show this tone would continue after Melo's retirement in 2588. Showdown! would be canceled and revived many times.[1]


Focus of the show are conversations between the host (Eria Quint) with one or two specific guests mostly about current political or historical topics and usually with opposite viewpoints on the matter. The number of topics range from one to five per episode.

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