Sakura Fun White ORC-mkX Armor Bobblehead

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Sakura Fun White ORC-mkX Armor Bobblehead
Type Bobblehead / Vehicle dashboard decoration

[1]This bobblehead wears the CDS ORK-mkX armor in White. This is a dashboard item which can be equipped to certain ships using the ship loadout manager in your mobiGlas.[2]

The item was added to the Subscriber-exclusive store and available to all Subscribers to pledge in October 2022 for $5.00 USD. Can also be purchased retroactively in the Subscribers store.

Product description

"Take an army of lovable little space marines along for the ride with this month’s Flair. Outfitted with the iconic CDS ORK-mkX armor in a variety of colors, these agreeable little chaps will happily keep you company wherever your adventures take you so long as your ships cockpit has the space for them."

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