Update:Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2

Star Citizen build scheduled for 2022-06-31
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Upcoming (est. 2022-06-31 - 3 days)

Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2 is an incremental release adding some AI changes, the Siege of Orison event, and some additional points of interest and missions for players.

Feature Description
Siege of Orison Implementation of Siege of Orison, a new dynamic event in the persistent universe. Featuring both FPS and flight combat, this new event puts you against Nine Tails to liberate the floating platforms of Orison.
AI - Planetary Navigation This system allows NPCs to move on planetary surfaces using a dynamically generated navigation mesh. This will efficiently process planetary terrain and objects to prioritize the processing of the environment around the players into navmesh, allowing the use of all existing functionalities on planets. The first implementation of this feature will be the Reclaimer Derelict Points of Interest.
Derelict Reclaimer - Points of Interest Additional points of interest that will be scattered both on planets and in space. They will be derelict Aegis Reclaimers with some type of activity (puzzle, traversal, missions) along with rewards to loot.
Additional Stanton Lagrange Points Implementing additional reststop locations surrounding microTech and ArcCorp, including both the stations themselves and the gas clouds surrounding them. This feature has been added to the Alpha 3.17 column and is targeting delivery in Q2 in 3.17.2.
Illegal Delivery Missions Implementing illegal variants of delivery missions into the persistent universe, including reputation gains with criminal factions.
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