Samuel Messer VII

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Illyana Messer(Before 2677 - 2697)
Samuel Messer VIII (between 2697, 2698 - 2715)
Samuel Messer VII
Race Human
Gender Male
Died 2698
Role Seventh Imperator of the UEE
Faction UEE
Political Office
Office Imperator
Years Held 2697 - 2697, 2698 (between)
Party Messer Regime
Constituency UEE

Samuel Messer VII or Messer VII was the seventh Imperator of the UEE.

His mother Illyana Messer named him as her successor in 2697.[1] He had an older brother, whose name is unknown. The appearing Vanduul threat in the "West" was largely overlooked by him and his regime.

"The new Imperator took the Vanduul threat even less seriously and seemed to be much more interested in using his newfound power to torment an already subjugated population into further submission.[1]"