Vanduul Skirmishes

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Vanduul Skirmishes
Type Interspecies Conflict
Undeclared War
Dates 2681-08-09 - 2945-10-11
Theaters Orion
Participants United Empire of Earth
Vanduul Clans
Leaders Illyana Messer
Samuel Messer VII
Samuel Messer VIII
Galor Messer
Ulysses Messer
Linton Messer
Erin Toi
Marshall Leon
Corbyn Salehi
Imperator Coley
Kelos Costigan (UEE)

Unknown (Vanduul)
Losses Heavy
Result Declaration of War

"For 200 years we have battled the Vanduul. We have called these attacks "raids" or "skirmishes" or "incursions". But I am here to tell you that we are at war! Tiber, Orion, Caliban, Virgil - once Human systems all but abandoned in the face of the enemy."
Admiral Ernst Bishop's Address to the UEE Senate, 2945-10-11


First Contact (2681-08-09)

The Dell Township on Armitage, Orion is wiped out overnight. When security footage is examined, the aggressor is revealed to be a previously unknown alien species - the Vanduul. One person remains unaccounted for. No-one knows where the enemy came from.[1][2]

Destroying the First Clan (2681-09)

The Vanduul return in Orion, and the UEE has its first stand-up fight with the 'duul. With this small clan of Vanduul wiped out, Orion sits quiet for the time being. The UEE aren't aware of how Vanduul clan structure works at this time, so they may have believed the threat to be neutralised.[citation needed]

Vanduul in Caliban (2682)

Vanduul raids also begin in Caliban. While they don't strictly take territory, Vanduul raids are now a persistent threat.[citation needed] Destroying or disabling a Vanduul Scythe with the technology of the era takes both extreme maneuvering and a high degree of communication among wingmen. As such, the Gladiuses of the 36th Fighter Squadron are regularly tasked to this new Vanduul front.[citation needed]

A Bigger Clan in Orion (2686)

The Vanduul return to Orion, a larger clan this time, again engaging in sporadic raids. This does at least unveil where the Vanduul have been coming from - a Jump Point connecting with the Viking system. On the downside, it makes our presence more known to the Vanduul on a species level. There is talk of launching an offensive. A Jump Point is also found connecting Caliban to Viking, revealing the source of those raids too.[citation needed] Around this time, Aegis Dynamics under the leadership of Hana Chan develops the Javelin destroyer - a battle platform built to go toe-to-toe with the Vanduul.[citation needed]

Fall of Orion (2712)

So far, the Vanduul have been little more than an annoyance to the Messers, but in 2712 a Kingship arrives in Orion, devastating the frontline which had been ill-prepared for this new threat. Orion falls to the Vanduul, pushing the frontline back to Tiber.[citation needed] With the military abandoning Orion, many civilians are left behind on Armitage. The remaining populace adapts to living in the presence of Vanduul, a bunch of rag-tag outsiders under constant threat of attack. The city of Port Conrad is modified to defend or obscure its inhabitants.[citation needed] With the threat now on Caliban's door, political activism within the system increases. Many residents believe the Imperator is intentionally witholding military resources from the system, as the occasional attack only reinforces the UEE's need for a strong, militaristic dictator.[citation needed]

Hiding the Losses (2715)

With Samuel Messer VII succeeded by Samuel Messer VIII, the new Imperator orders that Orion and all jumps connecting to it must be removed from the UEE's non-military maps "for the public good." ICC director Loretta De Biaso puts the ICC's political independence to use, claiming it would be more dangerous for people to not know exactly where a clan of Vanduul might suddenly appear. The Imperator is infuriated by this defiance and threatens to drastically slash the agency's budget. But making matters worse for Messer, prominent members of the military come to De Biaso's defense. Some even threaten to resign if she is fired, or the agency's budget struck with draconian cuts. Today there's evidence that retaliatory measures were planned against De Biaso for her disobedience, but Messer VIII was stabbed to death in his bed before they could be enacted. His successor, his older brother Galor Messer IX does not pursue this Orion mapping agenda.[citation needed]

The Grinder (2726)

A jump point is discovered in Tiber leading to the vanduul system Vector. This puts Tiber in a bad position, having toward against two fronts - each via a Large Jump Point.[citation needed] Tiber becomes known as "The Grinder", due to its reputation for eating up and spitting out damaged veterans.[citation needed]

Siege of Tiber (2732)

It was only a matter of time - Tiber comes under siege by the Vanduul, driving up Human losses even further. They can only hold on so long...[citation needed]

Fall of Tiber, Fall of Virgil (2736)

Despite the UEE's best efforts, Tiber falls to the Vanduul. As all defensive resources have been spent in the system, there isn't much of a second line of defense in Virgil. As such, the Vanduul are able to push onward and capture Virgil too, moving the front-line to Vega.[citation needed]

Struggles in Caliban (after 2789)

Squadron 88 is transfered to Crion, Caliban, which has faced sporadic attacks from small Vanduul clans. There are clear signs that the system has become a target once again, with things only getting worse. The 88th's presence is heralded as a sign that the UEE is serious about keeping the Vanduul out of the system, yet behind the scenes things are far from perfect. Though the 88th is charged with maintaining and repairing the system's aging sensor grid, commanders often fight with Navy brass over funding and reources.[citation needed] In 2878, with Squadron 88's pleas for funding and resources having gone unheard for too long, their commanding officer Avery Sinaga requests a transfer unless she receives the assets necessary to protect Caliban. She is subsequently sent to a different squadron, later stating a regret for having left her troops when they would need her most.[citation needed]

Fall of Caliban (2884)

After many years of sporadic raids, and without the necessary funds and equipment, Caliban falls to the Vanduul. This puts Oberon in a dangerous position and adds Nul to the frontline.[citation needed]

30th Century

2910 - The Vanduul Attack the 42nd Squadron [3]

2923 - The UEEN Tomahawk's incursion into Vanguard.[citation needed]

2928 - Vanduul attacks increase[4]

2932 - Vanduul Raid in Vega, Famous Squadron 214 Bravo Flight "Virgil Raid"[5]

2940 - Vanduul skirmish against Squadron 36[6] Operation Unilateral Force

2942 - Cassandra's Tears released to the Spectrum. Allegedly chronicling the real life adventures of Cal Mason, a UEEN pilot who foiled a Vanduul plot to attack Earth with a bioweapon sometime earlier.

2942 - Vanduul carrier-ship, henceforth referred to as X12, found dead in space off Garron[7]

2943-05-10 - Comm-Link:Vanduul Warship Analysis leaked from UEEHICOM, Office of Naval Intelligence

2945-10-06 - New Corvo in Ruins[8] - Vanduul Attack on Aremis "Battle of Vega II"[9]


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