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Seal Corporation

Vehicle shield generator manufacturer
Seal Corporation
IndustryShield manufacturing
Manufacturer CodeSECO

Seal Corporation is a company that sells, distributes and produces shield generators for civilian ships. All ships in the Reliant series use shields by Seal Corp. Next to the basic line of INK-1 shields, Seal Corp. also provides a choice between the INK - Mark and INK - Splash type shields.[1]


Seal Corporation is one of the earliest companies to begin selling energy based shielding to civilians when the technology was declassified, Seal Corp has been in the industry centuries longer than its current modern day competition. For a while, the term seal was ubiquitous with shield and Sammy the Seal Corp seal is still one of the most recognizable mascots across the verse. While they have lost some market share to competitors over the years, they are still the most widely used brand of shields and their products can be bought easily in almost every system.[2]


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