Shield generator

Vehicle component that generates protective energy barrier

A shield generator is a component which generates a protective energy barrier around a ship in Star Citizen. Shields deflect projectiles, explosions, debris, and sometimes air.[1] When impacted with energy (such as an energy weapon), the shield absorbs the incoming energy, weakening the shield in the process but protecting the ship.[1] Only when the shields are downed will the incoming energy inflict damage upon the ship's hull. When impacted with a ballistic projectile, the projectile is merely slowed down by the shield, effectively bypassing it.[1] Shield generators come in multiple sizes, and have varying levels of segmentation (single 'bubble', front/back, quadrant, etc.).[1]

 ManufacturerSizeClassGradeShield healthRegen rateRegen delayDown timePWR per EM°C per IRDistortion health
PalisadeBasilisk1IndustrialA1,725 🛡️450 🛡️/s5 s10 s3 ⚡/EM4 °C/IR427.7 💫
7SA 'Concord'Behring Applied Technology1CivilianA1,725 🛡️450 🛡️/s5 s10 s3 ⚡/EM4 °C/IR672.1 💫
FR-66Gorgon Defender Industries1MilitaryA1,725 🛡️450 🛡️/s5 s10 s3 ⚡/EM4 °C/IR1,344.2 💫
MirageAscension Astro1StealthA1,725 🛡️450 🛡️/s5 s10 s3 ⚡/EM4 °C/IR1,038.7 💫
7MA 'Lorica'Behring Applied Technology2CivilianA10,375 🛡️600 🛡️/s5 s10 s2.5 ⚡/EM3.5 °C/IR672.1 💫
FR-76Gorgon Defender Industries2MilitaryA10,375 🛡️600 🛡️/s5 s10 s2.5 ⚡/EM3.5 °C/IR1,344.2 💫
RampartBasilisk2IndustrialA10,375 🛡️600 🛡️/s5 s10 s2.5 ⚡/EM3.5 °C/IR1,375 💫
UmbraAscension Astro2StealthA10,375 🛡️600 🛡️/s5 s10 s2.5 ⚡/EM3.5 °C/IR1,038.7 💫
7CA 'Nargun'Behring Applied Technology3CivilianA115,000 🛡️1,440 🛡️/s5 s10 s2 ⚡/EM4 °C/IR2,269.3 💫
ParapetBasilisk3IndustrialA115,000 🛡️1,440 🛡️/s5 s10 s2 ⚡/EM4 °C/IR1,444.1 💫
FR-86Gorgon Defender Industries3MilitaryA115,000 🛡️1,440 🛡️/s5 s10 s2 ⚡/EM4 °C/IR4,538.6 💫
GuardianBasilisk1IndustrialB1,650 🛡️413 🛡️/s5 s10 s3 ⚡/EM4 °C/IR366.6 💫
JaghteYorm1CompetitionB1,650 🛡️413 🛡️/s5 s10 s3 ⚡/EM4 °C/IR458.25 💫
HEXSeal Corporation1CivilianB1,650 🛡️413 🛡️/s5 s10 s3 ⚡/EM4 °C/IR672.1 💫
6SA 'Arbiter'Behring Applied Technology1CivilianB1,650 🛡️413 🛡️/s5 s10 s3 ⚡/EM4 °C/IR641.55 💫
VeilAscension Astro1StealthB1,650 🛡️413 🛡️/s5 s10 s3 ⚡/EM4 °C/IR977.6 💫
ForceWallGorgon Defender Industries1MilitaryB1,650 🛡️413 🛡️/s5 s10 s3 ⚡/EM4 °C/IR1,283.1 💫
6MA 'Kozane'Behring Applied Technology2CivilianB9,900 🛡️550 🛡️/s5 s10 s2.5 ⚡/EM3.5 °C/IR641.55 💫
CoverAllGorgon Defender Industries2MilitaryB9,900 🛡️550 🛡️/s5 s10 s2.5 ⚡/EM3.5 °C/IR1,283.1 💫
SheutAscension Astro2StealthB9,900 🛡️550 🛡️/s5 s10 s2.5 ⚡/EM3.5 °C/IR977.6 💫
Citadel (shield generator)Basilisk2IndustrialB9,900 🛡️550 🛡️/s5 s10 s2.5 ⚡/EM3.5 °C/IR366.6 💫
BLOCSeal Corporation2CivilianB9,900 🛡️550 🛡️/s5 s10 s2.5 ⚡/EM3.5 °C/IR672.1 💫
HalturYorm2CompetitionB9,900 🛡️550 🛡️/s5 s10 s2.5 ⚡/EM3.5 °C/IR458.25 💫
FullBlockGorgon Defender Industries3MilitaryB110,000 🛡️1,320 🛡️/s5 s10 s2 ⚡/EM4 °C/IR4,332.3 💫
ARMORSeal Corporation3CivilianB110,000 🛡️1,320 🛡️/s5 s10 s2 ⚡/EM4 °C/IR2,269.3 💫
6CA 'Bila'Behring Applied Technology3CivilianB110,000 🛡️1,320 🛡️/s5 s10 s2 ⚡/EM4 °C/IR2,166.15 💫
BarbicanBasilisk3IndustrialB110,000 🛡️1,320 🛡️/s5 s10 s2 ⚡/EM4 °C/IR1,237.8 💫
GlacisBasilisk4IndustrialBespoke774,520.6 🛡️6,112 🛡️/s5 s10 s1.75 ⚡/EM4.5 °C/IR8,000 💫
Castra (shield generator)Basilisk0IndustrialC750 🛡️187.5 🛡️/s5 s10 s7.384 ⚡/EM0.104 °C/IR344 💫
PINSeal Corporation0CivilianC750 🛡️187.5 🛡️/s5 s10 s7.384 ⚡/EM0.104 °C/IR306 💫
WEBSeal Corporation1CivilianC1,500 🛡️375 🛡️/s5 s10 s3 ⚡/EM4 °C/IR611 💫
BulwarkBasilisk1IndustrialC1,500 🛡️375 🛡️/s5 s10 s3 ⚡/EM4 °C/IR305.5 💫
5SA 'Rhada'Behring Applied Technology1CivilianC1,500 🛡️375 🛡️/s5 s10 s3 ⚡/EM4 °C/IR611 💫
AllStopGorgon Defender Industries1MilitaryC1,500 🛡️375 🛡️/s5 s10 s3 ⚡/EM4 °C/IR1,222 💫
ShimmerAscension Astro1StealthC1,500 🛡️375 🛡️/s5 s10 s3 ⚡/EM4 °C/IR916.5 💫
SuldrathBanu Souli1MilitaryC1,500 🛡️375 🛡️/s5 s10 s3 ⚡/EM4 °C/IR427.7 💫
TargaYorm1CompetitionC1,500 🛡️375 🛡️/s5 s10 s3 ⚡/EM4 °C/IR458.25 💫
FullStopGorgon Defender Industries2MilitaryC9,000 🛡️500 🛡️/s5 s10 s2.5 ⚡/EM3.5 °C/IR1,222 💫
SukoranBanu Souli2MilitaryC9,000 🛡️500 🛡️/s5 s10 s2.5 ⚡/EM3.5 °C/IR611 💫
TrentaYorm2CompetitionC9,000 🛡️500 🛡️/s5 s10 s2.5 ⚡/EM3.5 °C/IR458.25 💫
AspisBasilisk2IndustrialC9,000 🛡️500 🛡️/s5 s10 s2.5 ⚡/EM3.5 °C/IR305.5 💫
5MA 'Chimalli'Behring Applied Technology2CivilianC9,000 🛡️500 🛡️/s5 s10 s2.5 ⚡/EM3.5 °C/IR950 💫
STOPSeal Corporation2CivilianC9,000 🛡️500 🛡️/s5 s10 s2.5 ⚡/EM3.5 °C/IR611 💫
ObscuraAscension Astro2StealthC9,000 🛡️500 🛡️/s5 s10 s2.5 ⚡/EM3.5 °C/IR916.5 💫
SureStopGorgon Defender Industries3MilitaryC100,000 🛡️1,200 🛡️/s5 s10 s2 ⚡/EM4 °C/IR4,126 💫
StrongholdBasilisk3IndustrialC100,000 🛡️1,200 🛡️/s5 s10 s2 ⚡/EM4 °C/IR1,031.5 💫
5CA 'Akura'Behring Applied Technology3CivilianC100,000 🛡️1,200 🛡️/s5 s10 s2 ⚡/EM4 °C/IR2,063 💫
GUARDSeal Corporation3CivilianC100,000 🛡️1,200 🛡️/s5 s10 s2 ⚡/EM4 °C/IR2,063 💫
FalcoYorm1CompetitionD1,350 🛡️340 🛡️/s5 s10 s3 ⚡/EM4 °C/IR458.25 💫
INKSeal Corporation1CivilianD1,350 🛡️340 🛡️/s5 s10 s3 ⚡/EM4 °C/IR549.9 💫
CloakAscension Astro1StealthD1,350 🛡️340 🛡️/s5 s10 s3 ⚡/EM4 °C/IR855.4 💫
StewardBasilisk1IndustrialD1,350 🛡️340 🛡️/s5 s10 s3 ⚡/EM4 °C/IR244.4 💫
SecureHydeGorgon Defender Industries1MilitaryD1,350 🛡️340 🛡️/s5 s10 s3 ⚡/EM4 °C/IR1,160.9 💫
BamotyYorm2CompetitionD7,100 🛡️450 🛡️/s5 s10 s2.5 ⚡/EM3.5 °C/IR458.25 💫
SecureShieldGorgon Defender Industries2MilitaryD7,100 🛡️450 🛡️/s5 s10 s2.5 ⚡/EM3.5 °C/IR1,160.9 💫
ShroudAscension Astro2StealthD7,100 🛡️450 🛡️/s5 s10 s2.5 ⚡/EM3.5 °C/IR855.4 💫
ArmadaBasilisk2IndustrialD7,100 🛡️450 🛡️/s5 s10 s2.5 ⚡/EM3.5 °C/IR244.4 💫
RPELSeal Corporation2CivilianD7,100 🛡️450 🛡️/s5 s10 s2.5 ⚡/EM3.5 °C/IR549.9 💫
HAVENSeal Corporation3CivilianD90,000 🛡️1,080 🛡️/s5 s10 s2 ⚡/EM4 °C/IR1,856.7 💫
WardBasilisk3IndustrialD90,000 🛡️1,080 🛡️/s5 s10 s2 ⚡/EM4 °C/IR825.2 💫
SecureScreenGorgon Defender Industries3MilitaryD100,000 🛡️1,200 🛡️/s5 s10 s2 ⚡/EM4 °C/IR3,919.7 💫


Rapid Charge

Rapid Charge shields have low recharge delay and high recharge value, offset by weaker base shields with lower HP. They are often found in racing ships.[1]

Durable Item

Durable Item shields have reinforced components with strong component HP and boosted shield HP at the expense of a higher signal. They are often found in industrial ships.[1]

Direct Damage Shell

Direct Damage Shell shields have Improved direct fire absorption with reduced splash damage absorb. They are often found in civilian ships.[1]

Splash Damage Guard

Splash Damage Guard shields have Improved splash damage absorption with reduced direct fire absorb. They are often found in civilian ships.[1]

Second Skin

Second Skin shields have Improved overall damage absorption with higher power draw. They are often found in military ships.[1]

Hard Light

Hard Light shields have substantially improved shield HP and absorption with increased Heat generation. They are often found in military ships.[1]

Phalanx shields

Phalanx shields are point defense shields that provides a very strong but limited protective face. They are mostly found in Tevarin ships.[2] They have 100% ballistic absorption and massively increased shield hardening ability.[3]


Airshields are energy barrier that traps air but allows other objects to pass through.


During the First Tevarin War, Humans launch tubes for fighter and isolated personnel carrier for troop deployment out of the atmosphere. It is an unwieldy and time-consuming process. While the Humans were dragged down by their technology, the Tevarin were freed by it. Localized airshields along the body of the Tevarin dropship allowed the Nauelle to move from ship to space without the need to open a door, which permitted the dropship to move quickly and quietly. After the defeat of Tevarin in the war, the study and use of these airshields on the dropship unlocked vast technological advances in Human development, many of which are still in daily usage today.[4]


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