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Power plant Manufacturer Size Grade Class UEC Cost
5CA Akura BEHR L C Civilian 93,095-97,117
5MA Chimalli BEHR M C Civilian 29,786-30,763
5SA Rhada BEHR S C Civilian 15,873-17,102
6MA Kozane BEHR M B Civilian 31,650
AllStop GODI S C Military 17,314-18,323
Armada BASL M D Industrial 29,000
Aspis BASL M C Industrial 38,713-38,854
BLOC SECO M B Civilian 24,800
Bamoty YORM M D Competition 27,050
Barbican BASL L B Industrial 143,150
Bulwark BASL S C Industrial 20,762
Castra (shield generator) BASL V C Industrial 4,107-4,805
Citadel (shield generator) BASL M B Industrial 41,100
FR-66 GODI S A Military 18450
FR-76 GODI M A Military 38,250
FR-86 GODI L A Military 136,400
Falco YORM S D Competition 7,075
ForceWall GODI S B Military 19,447-21,049
FullStop GODI M C Military 37,066-40,119
GUARD SECO L C Civilian 92,850
Guardian BASL S B Industrial 19,900
HEX SECO S B Civilian 10,750
HT-2000 Burst
Haltur YORM M B Competition 36,700
Hide VNCL S Military
INK SECO S D Civilian
Jaghte YORM S B Competition 9,900
Mirage ASAS S A Stealth 28,600
Obscura ASAS M C Stealth 36,200
PIN SECO V C Civilian 3,094-3,337
Palisade BASL S A Industrial 23,200
Parapet BASL L A Industrial 169.550
RPEL SECO M D Civilian 22,400
Rampart BASL M A Industrial 53,300
STOP SECO M C Civilian 25,880-26,729
SecureHyde GODI S D Military 16,581-16,958
Shimmer ASAS S C Stealth 18,020-19,433
Shroud ASAS M D Stealth 44,500
Spark VNCL L Military
Steward BASL S D Industrial 14,050
Stronghold BASL L C Industrial 132,445-147,123
Sukoran BANU M C Military
Suldrath BANU S C Military
Trenta YORM M C Competition 30,600
WEB SECO S C Civilian 10,732-11,195
Ward BASL L D Industrial 98,000


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