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Update:Star Citizen Alpha 3.23.1

Star Citizen build released on 2024-05-16
(Redirected from Star Citizen Alpha 3.23.1)
2024-05-16 - 35 days ago

Star Citizen Alpha 3.23.1 is a minor update for Star Citizen, focused around additions for Invictus Launch Week 2954 and other minor additions and bug fixes[1].

Features and Gameplay

Feature Description
Ship AI Pilot Balance Pass Allowing use of partial Aim Assist depending on AI skill level + first tuning pass for AI to smooth out difficulty curve going from lower to higher threat missions.
NPC Locomotion Polish Improved NPC locomotion server-sync extrapolation. Prevent teleporting using extrapolated position. Stop root motion during teleportation.
Medical Bed Respawn Update All Medical Bed Tiers be capable of being set as a regen location.
  • T3 medical beds will allow respawning up to 20km away
  • T2 medical beds (which previously allowed respawning up to 20km) will now allow respawning up to 50km away

Players respawning will do so without their equipment they dropped on death and will have to be prepared with extra stored or survive to go back and reloot their corpse.

Aegis Sabre Raven Gold Standard Bringing the Aegis Sabre Raven up to our current standards with accessible inventories, weapon rack, and Components bays.
VFX Visual Improvements - Performance Optimizations
  • Made Further Gamewide Client Performance Optimizations
  • Interior Map Materials Optimization
  • Water Caustics Visual Polish
  • Added Character Creator Validations
  • VFX Visual Improvements and Fixes

Made Further Particle Visual Improvements for Upscaling. Fixed cyan color cast seen in bright areas near the screen edge due to chromatic aberration processing. Removed jitter processing on terrain rendering leading to poor quality reprojection.

Bug Fixes and Technical Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed - PU - Stanton - UI - Oversized active Armistice Zone icon (STARC-108910)
  • Fixed - PU - Stanton - Actor - Respawning - Players who die and then get disconnected before respawning become stuck in a dead state and are unable to respawn
  • Fixed - PU - Stanton - UGF - Locations - Bunker elevator does not return up when called (STARC-111250)
  • Fixed - Multivehicle - PU - Vehicles / UI - QT effects are breaking HUD UI (STARC-104656)
  • Fixed - PU - Gamewide - Using a medpen causes you to drop your weapon
  • Fixed - PU - Distribution Centres - Elevators - Several elevator transit carriages created & destroyed immediately
  • Fixed - MULTIVEHICLE - PU - Vehicles / Components / Locations - It is possible when vehicles are spawned from fleet manager that radar components and elevator panels can detach from the ship and float permanently in a hangar, causing issues with collisions (STARC-101070)
  • Fixed - ARGO Mole / ROC - PU - Vehicle / UI - Vehicle HUD - Mining Mode UI has a variety of defects obstructing gameplay (STARC-88859)
  • Fixed - Drake Cutlass Black - Vehicles - Drake Cutlass Black is unable to liftoff from landing pads
  • Fixed - PU - Fleet Week 2024 - Actor / UI - Physical Shopping - Physical shopping AR Card is flickering when approached, impacting functionality
  • Fixed - Aegis Reclaimer - ALL VARIANTS - Ships / Salvage / Master Mode / UI - Players are unable to access claw in the copilot seat and the UI changes to QT / NAV master mode without any feedback to the copilot (STARC-111581)
  • Fixed - Anvil Hornet - ALL Variants - PU - Vehicles - Flight controllers have pitch and yaw rotational max speeds reversed
  • Fixed - PU - Stanton - ARC L4 - Locations - Lobby elevators cannot be called (STARC-109845)
  • Fixed - Community Localization - PU - Character Customizer / UI - Some labels cannot be localized (STARC-110101)
  • Fixed - PU - Law / Infractions / Notifications - Players cannot press charges against another player if they commit infractions against them
  • Fixed - PU - Stanton - Locations / Inventory - Users are able to place Hangar flare items in public areas where they cannot be picked back up
  • Fixed - MISC Prospector - PU/AC - Vehicles/Balance - Misc Prospector has invulnerable spot for its nose leading to no damage taken (STARC-109000)
  • Fixed - PU - Stanton - microTech - Creatures / AI - Kopion are jittering and teleporting when running
  • Fixed - PU - UI / Upscaling - Shopping Kiosk UI missing elements when Upscaling is enabled
  • Fixed - PU - Stanton - Mission Content / Law - Trespass timer will go to negative numbers (STARC-95347)
  • Fixed - PU - Option Menu - UI - "Water - Number of Simulated Regions" going back to Medium between sessions (STARC-104172)
  • Fixed - Origin 400i - PU - Vehicles - Life Support / Room System - Two room volumes are missing in the technical deck causing players to suffocate in the 400i (STARC-106700)
  • Fixed - Stanton - PU - mobiGlas / Visor Chat - Visor Chat messages remains visible over the mobiGlas
  • Fixed - PU - Physical Shopping - Locations - Multiple Locations - Items on display at multiple shops will end in 'Transaction Error' when attempting to quick buy
  • Fixed - PU - Stanton - Mission Content / UI / mobiGlas - Completing a contract while the mobiGlas is open on the contract does not open the specific contract in the History tab
  • Fixed - PU - Runtime Cubemaps - Graphics / Lighting - Runtime cubemaps are taking an excessively long time refresh and / or not refreshing at all
  • Fixed - PU - Stanton - Distribution Centers (DC) - Locations / AI - The worker NPCs sometimes use tractor beams to shoot at the player
  • Fixed - PU - Actor - EVA - Depending on orientation, player places weapon through their head and neck when ADS
  • Fixed - RSI Ursa - PU - Vehicles / Design - Cannot enter Remote Turret
  • Fixed - Greycat ROC - Stanton - ROC Mining Laser Not Activating
  • Fixed - Crosshair not showing on GRIN_ROC
  • Fixed - PU - Character Customizer - Clicking the Character Customizer screen after reviewing your model and going back to it will show T-Posed models
  • Fixed - AC - UI / Scoreboard - The Grav Race mode does not show or update player score
  • Fixed - AC - Free Flight - UI - It is possible to select ground Vehicles for AC Free Flight mode, which can cause UI problems once in game lobby

Technical Updates

  • Fixed 8 Client Crashes
  • Fixed 6 Server Crashes
  • Fixed an Out of Memory Crash
  • Fixed 2 Vulkan+Upscaling GPU Crashes
  • Made Further Entity Graph Stability Improvements
  1. Alpha 3.23.1 Patch Notes. Patch Notes - Comm-Link. Retrieved 2024-05-30
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