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Star Marine is an in-universe first-person combat simulator by InterDimension Software that is used for entertainment and training. It lets players engage in pitched FPS battles complete with multiple game modes, leaderboards, and an all-new user interface.[1]

Game Modes

Star Marine has a variety of game modes for players to join and play; whether by themselves, with friends, or with other online players. The current set of game modes include:


Multiplayer ("Spectrum")

  • Elimination
    • A free-for-all everyone-for-themselves fight where players duke it out for the highest kill score.
  • Last Stand
    • Team up and battle for dominance over several Control Points in a fight where proper teamwork will determine victory.


Marines under fire

Star Marine features numerous updates to Star Citizen's FPS systems including grenades, vaulting, and combat emotes. The Player Health System has been updated so that you can now bleed out, when injured your health pool decreases over time until it reaches a fatal limit or the player heals. Competitive leaderboards have also been included, as well as a major UI update to the lobby. Star Marine is accessible to all backers with Star Citizen packages.[3]


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