OP Station Demien

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OP Station Demien
Type Space Station
Classification Transfer Station
Orbits Nexus II
Habitable Yes
Affiliation UEE
Owner UEE


Constructed shortly after the UEE claimed the Nexus system, Demien was one of the operations/housing/transfer stations for workers attempting to terraform Nexus II. The planet was never successfully terraformed though, because the station has a much darker reputation: the site of the infamous Walzer Massacre of 2935[1] . This incident marked the first serious clash between the UEE and the criminal element that were driven out of their system. The incident occurred in between shifts, when members of the Horizon Crew slipped aboard the station and murdered the small security detail tasked with monitoring the station. Now in control of the landing pads, they allowed more of their pack to board without attracting any attention. The group stalked the halls of Demien and murdered anyone they came across. One young inhabitant managed to make it to a comm station and alert authorities before he was slaughtered. By the time they arrived, there were only outlaws left. Local authorities were significantly outgunned and were beaten back from entering the facility. They were forced to call in the Marines to retake the base. The ensuing battle lasted for six hours, as Marines and criminals fought over every centimeter of territory.

In Media

OP Station Demien (map)

The Star Marine scenario "OP Station Demien" takes place in 2935 as the Marines infiltrate the overrun station.

The map is a small space station consisting of two interior spaces linked by two large landing pads. The station is surrounded by open space and EVA opportunities for combat and shortcuts. This results in a high frequency of dynamic combat in and out of gravity. Demien is a bright, well-lit location, so players are often exposed and must rely on map control to stay on top.