Terrestrial Rocky in the Leir system
Leir Mya Market.png
Mya : Leir II
ClassificationTerrestrial Rocky
LocationUnclaimed space
Leir system
└─ Orbiting Leir (star)

Mya, also known as Leir II is a terraformed terrestrial rocky planet. The planet is controlled by a fundamentalist group, called Outsiders who seized control after a successful coup.[1]

The reclusive society refuses to purchase goods from Human planets, but they seem to be content trading with Banu merchants. Once the Banu merchants finish their deals on Mya, they stop at the two other planets in the Leir System (Leir I and Leir III), before moving on. These mining planets have not been terraformed, thus requiring a constant supply of oxygen, food, and other vital supplies. This in turn makes the merchant ships who frequent them targets for raiders.



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