Stronger Together

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Stronger Together
Current Leader Yasal Gor
Founded in 2941
Focus Advocating Tevarin causes

Stronger Together is a Tevarin aid group founded in 2941 that advocates in advancing Tevarin causes throughout the UEE empire.[1]

They routinely provide free legal representation for Tevarin who can't afford it and guide others through the complicated Citizenship application process. They also monitor the activity of anti-Tevarin hate groups and collate data of xenophobic crimes from all UEE systems.[1]

Voter repression

One case they have been researching is the supposed voter repression that occurred during the secondary voting of the 2950 UEE imperatorial Election. A decorated navy veteran named Sor'en Ashraf discovered a xenophobic hate-group known as Nemesis was stationed at a polling center in Lago, intimidating Tevarin and keeping them from voting. She passed the information to Yasal Gor, who discovered that many other polling stations in that area were being tagged by this group. Immediately, Stronger Together's legal team started drafting a lawsuit.

This evidence will further cause the group to address any type of voting issues for Tevarin in this election cycle before the final vote, due later that year.[1]


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