Terrestrial Rocky in the Nexus system
Lago : Nexus IV
ClassificationTerrestrial Rocky
AffiliationUnited Empire of Earth
LocationUEE space
Nexus system
└─ Orbiting Nexus (star)
Landing Zones1

The planet's name, Lago, comes from a famous 26th-century Vid about a fictional outlaw haven. By the 2920s, that vision was turning into a reality. The lack of a UEE presence allowed outlaws to accumulate in numbers not seen outside of Spider.

On paper, the UEE has made great strides in reclaiming the planet. An Advocacy Station, local police force and a small Citizen and civilian population have been established. Military families with service members stationed on Nexus III are offered sweetheart land deals in an effort to infuse the planet with respectable residents.

Yet even with all the positive developments, Lago is not without its issues. Settlements are small, cramped and robustly barricaded against attacks from the criminal gangs who wish to reclaim it for their own. Supplies are often in short supply. This and more makes Lago an appealing place for enterprising haulers, but a less than ideal place to live.

The Sang Gestas operate out of Lago.[1]

Lago also houses many Tevarin citizens.[2]

Major Locations


This is the only known landing zone on Lago.

Minor Locations


This former landing zone was destroyed in an orbital strike.[3]


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