Consumable item to boost vehicle component

A sub-item is a consumable item inside a vehicle component to provide a boost to the base effectiveness in a variety of ways. It wears out much quicker compared to the component. Without sub-items the base item still functions as normal, but will find a small boost in performance when sub-items are installed. It’s recommended that players carry spares for longer trips as the need to swap these out over extended duration trips is likely. Not carrying spares (or not having the ability to carry spares) isn’t an impediment to base functionality, but should be seen as a continued maintenance loop necessary to provide an improved-upon and highly proficient system.

Each Sub Item fits in one of three categories, each boosting a different set of stats for that item:

  • Efficiency improves the overall effectiveness of the main item by reducing power or improving cooling performance.
  • Protection reduces the damage being dealt to the main item by absorbing different damage types or reducing wear rate and misfire chances.
  • Detection inhibits emissions in various spectrum from the main item or provides resistance to scanning.

Sub-items can fit in many different items and are not restricted to a specific type of item, such as a power plant sub-item.[1]


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