Character in Star Citizen
Race Vanduul
Gender Male
Role Vanduul Leader
Faction Vanduul
Actor Andy Serkis

Thul'Óqquray ( Vanduul: ful'óQurai; ) is described by Chris Roberts as being ultimately the main antagonist for Squadron 42, despite the leader of his clan being named as Óqquray, played by Patrice Maiambana.[1] Thul'Óqquray is portrayed by actor Andy Serkis.

Squadron 42

A combination of information over the years adds up to the conclusion that Óqquray is in command of the Kingship during the Battle of Vega II. In defeat, he hands the weapon/ship-key on to second in command Thul, who then departs in a Glaive and is later seen in the Driller trailer wielding the weapon/ship-key

Behind the Scenes Video


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