Tohil III

Ocean Planet in the Tohil system
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Tohil III
ClassificationOcean Planet
AffiliationUnited Empire of Earth
LocationUEE space
Tohil system
└─ Orbiting Tohil (star)

Mainly an ocean planet, Tohil III's most striking feature is its collection of large island-sized foliage growing out of the water. The incredible biomasses are so strong and sturdy that landing zones have been built into the trees. Legend says the sturdiness of the botanical clusters was discovered by chance, because a damaged smuggling ship first landed on one out of sheer desperation. Smugglers apparently began using this as secret hideouts and dead drops, until it later also attracted scientists, ecotourists and business.

In 2803, Darla Ibori, a local historian and ship enthusiast saw this as a great opportunity to organize an annual event called the Tohil Regatta, touring many of these old smuggler routes around the planet. The event became very popular and even included a multi-day race that involved ships ferrying marked crates between old hideouts and dead drops. The fastest ship to complete the course was awarded the Courier Cup.[1]

Also notable is that Terran Senator Akari secretly met Xi'an leaders on this planet to negotiate the controversial treaty that ended the cold war and led to the end of the Messer regime.

Landing zones

Amidon Island

A notable location on the planet is Amidon Island. The island is relatively large and centrally located near the equator. Halfway through the 29th century the island had been the most populous and developed landing zone. Because of the bloom of this settlement, hardline environmentalists argued against larger settlements, discussing the ability of these floating islands to withstand the increased weight without any negative side effects.

During the 2847 Tohil Regatta race, the crew of the Jacinto lead by Captain Iggy Decarlo received a distress call from the island. The island was experiencing environmental catastrophe as half the island was sinking into the ocean. The Jacinto aided in rescue operations along with other participants of the Regatta race. The island was packed with tourist in its height of the season and most inhabitants didn't have ships because hangar costs was at a premium, so this help was very much needed.

The catastrophe lead to increased building regulations on Tohil III. Organizers of the Tohil Regatta race also decided to end the annual event permanently, worried that it's success was partly responsible for the overdevelopment of Amidon Island. Despite this, fans still regularly fly the route informally.[2]


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