29th Century

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29th Century

This is a summary of lore events occurring in the 29th Century in the Star Citizen universe.

2801 – 2850

Date Type Event
2805 Commercial Musashi Industrial and Starflight Concern founded.
2812 Exploration First jump point to the Genesis system discovered.[1]
2813 Conflict Civil war breaks out on Charon III between Dellin and Acheron.[1]
2815 Commercial Eclipse Mutual founded by Rachel Lor and Arthur Wyng.[2]
2819 Conflict Ceasefire negotiated between Dellin and Acheron on Charon III. However, conflicts between the two nations continue to persist.[1]
2822 Commercial YORM founded by Adel Fansekar.[3]
2823 Exploration First jump point to the Tyrol system discovered by Damon Huerta.
2843 Commercial Casaba Outlet founded by Jean and Jandoel Polanco.
2845 Commercial Drake Interplanetary founded by Jan Dredge.
2849 Commercial Origin Jumpworks founded.

2851 – 2900

Date Type Event
2851 Exploration Stanton IV (microTech) discovered.[4]
2861 Exploration First jump point to the Oso system discovered by Errol Navis.
2863 Exploration First jump point to the Choros system discovered.
2871 Conflict The Fall of Caliban.
2872 Human Synthworld construction begins in the Chronos system.
2872 Military The UEES Stanton is sealed.
2873 Commercial Esperia Inc. founded by Jovi and Theo Ingstrom.
2884-01-14 Science Dr. Russel Valem killed during the failed demonstration of his CHARIOT engine in Angeli.[5]
2894 Commercial Takuetsu Starships founded.[6]
2899 Commercial Accelerated Mass Design founded by Sander Katt.
2900 Pop Culture Completion of the inter-species artwork Silent Song in Tayac Belt Alpha.


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