Tohil system

UEE single star system
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Tohil system
System TypeSingle Star
Size11 AU
Star TypeMain Sequence-Dwarf-K
Asteroid Belts1
Discovered in2716
Discovered byAadya Firmino, Oisha Suen
Jump Points3

The Tohil system has a history of danger and intrigue. As the only former Perry Line system with a jump into an unclaimed system, it has long been a favorite of smugglers looking to circumvent UEE and/or Xi'an authority. However, the system's appeal was not entirely sinister. Tohil also played a part in ending the Messer regime: resistance fighters used it to sneak into the UEE from Xi'an territory and secret meetings between Terran Senator Akari and Xi'an leaders that lead to the end of the cold war were held on Tohil III.

Gravitational governors


Tohil is a Main Sequence Dwarf-K star.


Tohil I

A small, tidally locked planet whose close proximity to the system's star has turned it into a lava planet.

Tohil II

A dwarf planet lacking an atmosphere.

Tohil III

Mainly an ocean planet, Tohil III's most striking feature is its collection of large island-sized foliage growing out of the water. The incredible biomasses are so strong and sturdy that landing zones have been built into the trees. Terran Senator Akari secretly met Xi'an leaders here to negotiate the controversial treaty that ended the cold war and led to the end of the Messer regime.

Tohil IV

Existing outside the green band, this SuperEarth is plagued by asteroid strikes.

Asteroid belts

Belt Alpha

A dense asteroid belt that lacks resources but has a plethora of hiding spots. The military security assessment of the belt simply stated: frequented by pirates and smugglers more than miners.

Known jump points

Jump Gate Type Size Destination
Tohil - Oya Bidirectional Medium Oya system
Tohil - Nyx Bidirectional Large Nyx system
Tohil - Virtus Bidirectional Large Virtus system

Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy


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