City on Asura in the Ferron system
LocationFerron system    On Asura
TypeLanding zone

Tram is a city on Asura in Ferron System.

With most of Asura's land set aside for mining, the stunning industrial megalopolis of Tram became the planet's financial and cultural center. Large factories, refineries and housing developments were interspersed with beautiful public parks. This visual harmony between nature and industry inspired 27th century poet Lelani Toan to describe Tram as — Balance, beauty both created Through industry of man which elevated This random rock that within teems Building blocks for a city of dreams.

Now, life in Tram is considerably harder. Today, the city is mostly shuttered and abandoned, and its skies are a near permanent gray from all the toxins that the have been carelessly pumped into the atmosphere by heavy industry. Water is in constant demand, as most of the natural supply has been equally contaminated. And as for the population that does remain, while some civilians still eke out a living with repair or refueling stations, criminal enterprise has surpassed any legitimate business as the main industry.

Visitors should be cautious when moving around the city as an ongoing police strike has considerably increased the chances of being accosted, particularly when entering the city's parks — now a hotbed of illegal activity. Those looking for deals should visit one of the planet's mining superstores where equipment sits gathering dust. Remember to take a trusted friend, co-worker or hired guard along. Criminal elements have been known to target guests who make significant purchases at local establishments.

TRAVEL WARNING: The lack of drinking water on Asura has led to vicious infighting between encampments around the edge of Tram. For this reason, it is highly recommended that all visitors stay within the center of Tram and avoid traveling to the outskirts of the city without local guidance.[1]


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