27th Century

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27th Century

This is a summary of lore events occurring in the 27th Century in the Star Citizen universe.


Date Type Event
2603-02-15 Conflict A massive Tevarin battle fleet, led by the new warlord Corath'Thal, enters the Fora system and demands to retake Elysium IV. The Imperator instead ordered a full attack, resulting in the beginning of the Second Tevarin War.[1]
2605 Conflict Philippe Lattimore forms the Bremen Defense Force.
2610-06-24 Conflict The Battle for Centauri occurs.[1]
2610-06-24 Pop Culture Aaron Fring begins work on his famous Tears of Fire artwork.[2]
2610-10-02 Conflict The Second Tevarin War ends with the defeat of Corath'Thal at the hands of Squadron 42 in the Battle of Centauri.
2617 Exploration Discovery of the first jump point to the Kayfa system by Ahmad Harar and Carl Dyson.
2635 Political Livia Messer begins to reform the UEE's justice system and orders construction of a massive prison in Dellin on Charon III.[3]
2638 Political Governor Assan Kieren of Terra publicly decries the pro-military agenda of the UEE and its unconditional support of the military-industrial complex. He calls for another vote of sovereignty for Terra and its adjacent systems. Imperator Messer III wields the UEE's brutally efficient propaganda machine to discredit and destroy Kieren, who disappears soon after. There are rumors that he is murdered, but nothing can be proven.[4]
2638-04-05 Political A Referendum for the Separation of Terra (and his adjacent system) from the United Empire of Earth fails.[5]
2650 Exploration Discovery of the first jump point to the Orion system.
2655 Political Levski founded on Delamar in Nyx.
2670 Political Charon III is officially recognized as a UEE planet and receives Senate representation.[3]
2677 Political Illyana Messer succeeds Corsen Messer as Imperator.
2677 Exploration Discovery of the first jump point to the Leir system by Katherine Oliver.
2681 First Contact First contact with the Vanduul.

They start raiding our new settlements in the Tevarin systems and disappear. Each Vanduul clan is a roaming fleet with no homeworld, which makes them exceedingly hard to catch.

2681-08-09 Conflict Battle of Orion: The first Vanduul attack on Humans occurs on Armitage.
2687 Commercial Aeroview Hangars founded by Arthur Nassir.

ArcCorp founded.

2697 Political Imperator Illyana Messer names Samuel Messer her successor.


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