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UEE Diplomatic Corps

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UEE Diplomatic Corps
Headquarters New York, Earth, Sol
Type Government Agency
Parent Org UEE
Focus Diplomacy
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The United Empire of Earth Diplomatic Corps (UEEDC or more commonly DC) is an agency of the United Empire of Earth (UEE) government responsible for diplomatic efforts associated with other civilizations. It works with the Imperator, Senate, and various agencies and departments to develop treaties, oversee trade agreements, and maintain embassies with the Xi'an Empire and the Banu Protectorate. First contact protocols for meeting new civilizations are under the purview of the Diplomatic Corps. While the Diplomatic Corps is a civilian agency, it is closely supported by the military; in particular, the UEE Navy often assigns capital ships to serve as diplomatic flags for missions that require the transportation of diplomats outside UEE borders.[1]

Furthermore, it is also responsible for educating UEE citizens about foreign species.[2]

Known ambassadors for the UEE

Yanna Coso to the Xi'an Empire.[3]


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