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Project Vespa was a top-secret project to create an ultimate capital ship weapon during the Messer Era of the UEE. This involved attempting to weaponize terraforming technology by terraforming and de-terraforming of Tayac I. The Project was shut down by 2750 until the planet became too 'unstable' to perform any further operations.[1]

The project was initiated by Ivar Messer and ran up until the end of the Messer Era in the 28th century.

In the last years of the project, the project was overseen by the bureaucrat and Messer crony Derivia Borel in a lab on Persei. Among the participants of this project at that time was also MaxOx's founder Burl Hitchens. Military officials wanted to repurpose his surgical laser tech to create the ultimate capital ship weapon for the Vanduul front. Previously, other weapon manufacturers attempted this but ultimately failed. Hitchens went out of his way to attempt to delay the project, forging information to appear minor advancements but eventually never reaching the goal. Borel ended up cancelling Hitchens' contract and hired a new team. Hitchens intentionally left behind fabricated data to impede any further progress.[2]

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