Virgil Ltd

Human company in the personal armor manufacturing industry
Virgil Ltd - JP0807.svg
Virgil LTD
IndustryPersonal armor manufacturing
ProductsTrueDef-Pro, Titan Exosuit
Manufacturer codeVGL
HeadquartersNew Corvo, Aremis, Vega
Area servedHuman occupied space
Key peopleVash Derrin (CEO)
FounderCedra Selea
Founded2749 CE; 205 years ago (2749) on Aremis, Vega system

Virgil Limited, Virgil LTD, or simply Virgil is a high-end Human multidisciplinary manufacturer of combat armor, specialized industrial armor, and powered armor.

Headquartered on Aremis (Vega II), the company has a reputation for creating durable, quality products. Their gear is frequently used as official uniforms by myriad organizations, including much of the armor worn by Advocacy agents. The Zeus System Titan armor and the TruDef-Pro combat armor are among its bestselling models.[1]


Virgil LTD was founded by Cedra Selea at the age of nineteen, in 2749, after her and several other refugees who had been displaced from the Virgil System pooled their resources together to form a new company with the goal in mind to prepare Humanity to fight the Vanduul.[2]

Only a couple of years after Virgil's formation they managed to secure a military contract with the UEE which allowed them to continue to scale their operations. Proving to be a reliable source, the UEE later commissioned Virgil to develop a standard set of armor for the Advocacy, the TrueDef armor line.[2]

In October of 2945 during the Vanduul invasion of the Vega System, all of Virgil's senior leadership was killed. This, however, proved as a rallying cry for the company, now led by Vash Derrin.[2]


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