Cedra Selea

Character in Star Citizen
Cedra Selea
Gender Female
Born 2730
Faction UEE
Employer Virgil LTD
Job Title CEO

Cedra Selea is the founder, and former CEO of Virgil LTD. Cedra was born to her mother, Ponya Selea, and father, Godri Selea, on Virgil I in 2730.[1]

During the 2737 siege of Virgil by the Vanduul, Cedra's mother, Ponya gave her life by leading an attack party meant to distract the Vanduul while the rest of the civilians could escape. Cedra and her father, Godri, eventually found themselves on Aremis as refugees.[1]

At the age of nineteen (19), Cedra, alongside other refugees pooled together their resources in order to found Virgil LTD. Cedra would serve as the companies CEO, garnering military contracts with the United Empire of Earth.[1]

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