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Wing Commander III

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Wing Commander III

Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger is the third main game in Chris Roberts Wing Commander series, developed and released by Origin Systems in December 1994.

It was remarkable for its extensive use of live action full-motion video to add an interactive movie-style presentation to the space combat gameplay, emphasized by its advertising slogan, "Don't watch the game, play the movie!". The aim was to get the subtlety of a performance or emotion out in service of the experience and the immersion and the game, which wasn't otherwise possible at the time with the rudimentary animation.[1][2]

The game's more than two hours of video featured a number of prominent movie stars including among others Mark Hamill as Colonel Christopher "Maverick" Blair, John Rhys-Davies as James "Paladin" Taggart and Thrakhath nar Kiranka.


  • It was the first time Chris Roberts directed live action.[3]
  • It was Electronic Arts first million-seller on DOS.[4]
  • Rob Irving worked on it.[5]
  • One of only two Wing Commander 3 Flight Jackets belonging to Chris Roberts was won during a Star Citizen competition.[6]

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