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Rob Irving

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Rob Irving

Rob Irving was lead designer at Cloud Imperium Games.[1]

Work at CIG

His work was to watch all the parts of what all the different studios are doing and making sure they are going to fit into the final game.[2]

Other Works

He got a call from Chris Roberts on the day of his last exam asking him to come work at Origin Systems on Strike Commander,[3] after which he also worked on Pacific Strike, Wing Commander III, Longbow, Flashpoint: Korea, Wing Commander: Prophecy, a long string of concepts and initial designs that didn’t make it into full production, and then finally Ultima Online’s live team.

After Origin he worked at 3DO. After that went away, he moved out to LA to work at Universal on The Lord of the Rings franchise. This was followed by SWAT 4 at Sierra, and then by Warthog, which had been acquired by Gizmondo.[4]


  • He's an avid boardgamer who had games go for months at a time. He plays a lot of Settlers of Cataan and owns originals of several games from the Milton Bradley Gamemaster series.[4]


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