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Xi’an Lines or Houses ( kyexiin: Ĩ’ä(Proper); SRX: yii’ua (Proper); literally line; ) are the genetic heritages of the Xi’an. Careful tracking of one’s yii’ua is mandatory on official public documents, private contracts, etc. in the Xi’an Empire, because the lines are everything to the Xi’an. It’s rude to dwell on genetic provenance in polite society. These matrilineal dynasties exist as great Houses, both metaphorically and physically as they grow into great estates and form mega-corporations when they prosper. The only person who is named directly with a Line name is the Emperor.[1]

Prestigious lines

SRX UEE Commn. Native Notes
Kr.ē Kray @ŗE The Current Imperial Line and head of the SaoXy’an Bureaucracy
Chii Chii @çI Rebellious Household who refused to adhere to the demilitarization of the Houses
Hiin Hiin @hÌN
Hyen” H’yen @hẻN
Kl.ō Kloh @ļO# One of the biggest houses and a main combatants in the early civil war.
Kuoth Quoth @kọÞ
Lyā L’yah @là Inventor of the earliest Xi’an anti-gravity technology.
P.ua Pwah @pä
Po’a Póa @pő Founders of the inter-system aerospace conglomerate AopoA.
Puii Pwii @pÏ
Ru’a Rúa @ru’á One of the biggest houses, one of the main combatants in the early civil war. Became first Emperor.
Su.ra” Surá @su$ra»
Syang S’yang @sảG
Thāng Thahng @þÀG
Thlō Thloh @ðO
Tuēl Twayl @tẸ The epicenter of Xi’an clothing and fashion.
Ty.on T’yohn @tỏN
Uai’i Wy’ee @ÿi’ One of the biggest houses, one of the main combatants in the early civil war. (This is an irregular spelling, but the official one.)
Xy.ō Shoh @xÕ the previous Imperial line (before the Kray), that established its own powerhouse dynasty.
Ye’ua Yéwa @ē’â