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Yii'ua ( Xi'an: 9yii2ua(Yii'ua) (Proper); ) are the primarily social, economic, and political structures of the Xi'an, based around genetic lineage. The term is variously described as Line, Lineage, House or Great House, with 'House' being the most common when discussing history and economics. They fulfil the role of both state and corporation within the Xi'an Empire, with each receiving a chartered monopoly from the Imperial House.[1]

Careful tracking of one's Yii'ua is mandatory on official public documents, private contracts, etc. in the Xi'an Empire, because the lines are everything to the Xi'an. It's rude to dwell on genetic provenance in polite society. These matrilineal dynasties exist as great Houses, both metaphorically and physically as they grow into great estates and form mega-corporations when they prosper.[2]

Each Yii'ua is presided over by a 'Council of Three' ( Xi'an, literally advice group; Xi'an: kyo9lyon(kyoLyon) (Proper); ), composed of three elders of the House. All aspects of the governance of a House are overseen by its Council, such as the expenditure of fiscal assets, the distribution of food and clothing, and the arrangement of breeding partners to continue the family Line, among others.[3]

The Imperial House

The Imperial House ( Xi'an: 9yii2ua9tao3(Yii’uaTao”) (Proper); ) occupies a special position, as it controls the Xi'an Service, the Bureaucracy that oversees the empire and contains the Xi'an military. All citizens of the Xi'an Empire are required to carry out a 30 Xi'an year (38.4 SEY) period of service between the ages of 40 and 70. During this time, they officially join the Imperial House and take on the name of the Emperor as their own. Some elect to remain a member of the Service beyond their mandatory period, or return in later life, becoming the officer class of the service.

The Imperial House is also governed by a Council of Three advisors, but these are forbidden from being of the Emperor's own House. Instead, the three advisors to the Imperial House are drawn from high-ranking members of the military, civil bureaucracy, and the practitioners of Li’Tova.

Throughout Xi'an history there have been three Imperial Houses: House Ru'a, House Xy.ō and the current Imperial House, House Kr.ē. The Xi'an calendar counts from the accession of a new Imperial House. The new Imperial House is 'selected' by the other houses when the previous Imperial House is extinguished, though a period of interregnum can occur, as with The Dark at the end of the Spirit Wars.[4]

Known Yii'ua

SRX UEE Commn. Native Notes
Kr.ē Kray 9kree1 The Current Imperial Line and head of the SaoXy'an Bureaucracy
Chii Chii 9chii Rebellious Household who refused to adhere to the demilitarization of the Houses
Ng.at'ak Gatac / Gatak (Former) vassal of House Ru'a. Founders of Gatac Manufacture, known for his cargo ships.
Hiin Hiin 9hiin
Hyen" H'yen 9hyen3
Kl.ō Kloh 9kloo1 One of the biggest houses and a main combatants in the early Xi'an Civil War
Kuang Kuang 9kuang A known yu’at.ōngh’uitā 'criminal' house
Kuoth Quoth 9kuoth
Lyā L'yah 9lyaa Inventor of the earliest Xi'an anti-gravity technology.
P.ua Pwah 9pua1
Po'a Póa 9poa2 Founders of the inter-system aerospace conglomerate AopoA.
Puii Pwii 9puii
Ru'a Rúa 9ru2a One of the biggest houses, one of the main combatants in the early Xi'an Civil War. Became first Imperial House.
Su.ra" Surá 9su4ra3
Syang S'yang 9syang Founders of Syang Fabrication
Thāng Thahng 9thaang
Thlō Thloh 9thloo
Tuēl Twayl 9tueel The epicenter of Xi'an clothing and fashion.
Ty.on T'yohn 9tyon1
Uai'i Wy'ee 9uai2 One of the biggest houses, one of the main combatants in the early Xi'an Civil War. (This is an irregular spelling, but the official one.)
Xy.ō Shoh 9xyoo1 the previous Imperial line (before the Kray), that established its own powerhouse dynasty.
Ye'ua Yéwa 9ye2ua


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