Human company in the spacecraft components industry
Yorm - JP0907.svg
IndustrySpacecraft components
ProductsShield generators
Manufacturer codeYORM
Key peopleNamesake: Gotlieb Yorm Current CEO: Bao Ingram Former CEO: Silvio Halbrook
FounderAdel Fansekar
Founded2822 CE; 131 years ago (2822)

Yorm is a spacecraft shield generator manufacturer, and one of the best-known producers of competition-grade components in the United Empire of Earth (UEE). Their lighter, racing-focused shields that swap overall protection for a lower energy cost that allows pilots to focus more of their power plant's output on thrusters.[1] The company is named after Gotlieb Yorm, a renowned racer and eccentric who became obsessed with winning the Murray Cup.[2]


During his underground racing days, Yorm came to the attention of Adel Fansekar, a woman with an eye for talent and a massive bankroll. Fansekar became fascinated with Yorm's custom ship component modifications aimed at shaving every last millisecond off of his lap times (which even included Yorm's decision to fly his ships in the nude until racing authorities required all pilots to wear suits). With Yorm's permission, Fansekar set off to start a line of racing components to fill an unmet demand in the industry. Demand for the first Yorm shield generators was astronomical, due in part to the fact that they were designed to Yorm's own exact specifications and approved by him personally.[2]

In the early 30th Century, under the leadership of Silvio Halbrook, the company attempted to expand its reach into hull plating. However, a series of bad design decisions, mismanagement and manufacturing issues almost sank the company. After Silvio’s ouster, Bao Ingram took the reins and returned Yorm to its roots and previous glory. It remains popular today among racers and those who prioritize performance over all else.[2]


  • The company's logo, a smiley face, originates from the days when Yorm was asked to give his feedback on newly designed aspects of a component. Gotlieb would always respond the same when he was ultimately satisfied: by drawing a giant happy face. Those that love the company claim its logo perfectly represents how they feel when flying with Yorm components.[2]



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