21st Century

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21st Century

This is a summary of lore events occurring in the 21st Century in the Star Citizen universe.

2001 – 2100

Date Type Event
2003-09-21 Exploration NASA's Galileo probe enters the atmosphere of Jupiter, becoming the first manmade object on the planet.
2015-04-30 Exploration NASA's MESSENGER probe crashes into the surface of Mercury, becoming the first manmade object on the planet.
2017-09-15 Exploration The NASA/JPL operated Cassini probe passes through the Rings of Saturn and enters the atmosphere of Saturn, becoming the first manmade object to do either.
21st Century Milestone Earth is reaching a critical mass of overpopulation. Numerous wars erupt across the planet as the populace face food, water and energy shortages.
2038 Commercial Roberts Space Industries founded by Chris Roberts.
2044 Disaster "Lemming Car" AI incident occurs in Tokyo.[1]
2061 Milestone Chris Roberts begins sowing the seeds of terraforming technology.
2075-05-03 Scientific Dr. Scott Childress and his team complete the first self-sustaining quantum drive engine, capable of achieving 1/100th the speed of light.[2]


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