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The 300 Series are four ships manufactured by Origin Jumpworks GmbH. They are all built with additional focus on luxury and comfort. Each ship in has its own purpose and primary focus.[1]

Series Variants


300i in space - Isometric.jpg
Designed for solo touring in conform & style.


315p in space - Isometric.jpg
Designed for solo exploration & discovery.


325a in space - Isometric.jpg
Specifically designed for combat.


350r in space - Isometric.jpg
Focused on Racing. Can also be used as a fighter interceptor.


The 300 series has a unique paint (skin) customisation, (not available to any other ships) that can only be done through the ship store page. (It should be noted that once you customise your ship, it can't not be undone unless you melt/un-melt the ship.)

Scarlet Citron Electric Blue Monarch Ultramarine Obsidian Sterling Moonlight
300i - Scarlet.jpg
300i - Citron.jpg
300i - Electric Blue.jpg
300i - Monarch.jpg
300i - Ultramarine.jpg
300i - Obsidian.jpg
300i - Sterling.jpg
300i - Moonlight.jpg


The 300 series were officially introduced in 2013-06-21, although the ships have been teased during the Kickstarter pledge.[2]

The initial concept of the 300i is described to be as a stylish BMW-esque ship that sends as much of a message with its silhouette as it does with its particle cannons. Its concept is designed by Kemp Remillard (Senior Concept Artist) at Massive Black in 2012-12. In-game model is designed by Chris Smith (3D Artist) at CIG Los Angeles with the help of Elijah McNeal (Concept Artist) at CIG Austin.[3]

The entire 300 series was reworked and was relaunched on 2019-06-06.[4]

Pledge price history

Type Date Pledge cost (USD) Insurance Availability Sale
300i 2016-11-25 55 4 years Time-limited 2016 anniversary sale [5]
325a 2016-11-25 70 4 years Time-limited 2016 anniversary sale [6]
350r 2016-11-25 125 4 years Time-limited 2016 anniversary sale [7]
315p 2016-11-25 65 4 years Time-limited 2016 anniversary sale [8]


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