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Chris Smith in 2013

Chris Smith is the Lead Vehicle Artist at CIG Los Angeles.[1] He joined CIG in January 2013 as a 3D artist to set the quality standard for the weapons and vehicles in the game.[2] He worked on multiple ships in the game, including the 300 series (both initial concept and rework), F7A Hornet Mk II, the Constellation rework, etc.[3][4][5]


  • He is a part of the "New Nine", the group of Star Citizen team members hired in January 2013, when the "Federal requirements" are that 20% of the staff be named Chris.[2][6]
  • He started doing art for the games industry after he graduated from the Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Art Institute in Dallas. The first company he worked at was Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg 3D Realms.[2]
  • He has worked on Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Duke Nukem Forever, Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Starhawk, and Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Planetside 2.[2]
  • He is excited about Star Citizen and Squadron 42 because of their motion picture quality graphics and an open world with endless possibilities.[2]
  • His first experience with computer games was in the '80s when his stepdad bought an Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Atari 1040 ST computer for the house. He played Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg International Karate almost non-stop, a lot of the Summer and Winter Games, Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Turrican, Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Test Drive and Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Marble Madness.[1]

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