Adaliz Dayan

Character in Star Citizen
Adaliz Dayan
Race Human
Gender Female
Born 2279[1]
Died 2317
Faction UEE

Adaliz Dayan was a contractor that helped terraformed Hyperion. While exploring the Fora System she detected a mysterious pocket of radiation in the middle of space. She sent a comm to her fellow Immram Association members to investigate the anomaly. By the time others arrived, Dayan was gone. The government was contacted and a military pathfinder unit was dispatched to her coordinates to begin a search. When they finally discovered the jump point, what would come to be known as the Banshee System and its radiation spewing pulsar waited on the other side.

Sadly, Adaliz Dayan and her ship were never found. It is assumed she perished due to a pulsar flare and that her ship still drifts through space. Conscious of her sacrifice, Dayan was credited with discovering the system, and the Immram Association allowed to name it. They settled on the nickname Dayan earned during her college Sataball days and the system formally became Banshee.[2]


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