Terrestrial Rocky in the Fora system
Hyperion : Fora III
ClassificationTerrestrial Rocky
AffiliationUnited Empire of Earth
LocationUEE space
Elysium system
└─ Orbiting Fora (star)
Landing Zones1

Terraforming problems left the world awash in perpetual HyperClay dust storms. The stuff coats nearly every surface and has such a low silica content as to be useless for mining purposes. Hyperion has a single landing area, Shoel, and no practical exports. If you're on the run, though, it's a good place to hide – bounties rarely reach this area of space.[1]


A severe food shortage has hit Hyperion, yet few outside of the Fora system even know about it. People spend more of their day patiently waiting in ration lines, but end up receiving less food in return.

"Every day the line's getting longer, everybody seems to be hurting but nobody's doing nothing about it."
Sophia Ruiz, 108

While the official food supply lines have slowed, Hyperion's black-market is booming, with food being sold for up to ten times the market price. At those rates, the average Hyperion worker's monthly salary could only buy about a week's worth of food for a family of four.

"I don't know what to do. My kids need to eat. Waiting in those lines don't guarantee you food, but going elsewhere ain't no answer either. Please, we need your help. I can't fix whatever's wrong 'round here. If I don't get no help, it's not me that'll suffer the most. It's my kids."
Curtis Deacon


Humanitarian Aid

Until recently, pleas from the people of Hyperion have fallen on deaf ears. Stories of the famine have grown more common on the Spectrum. Yet, Senate spending has ground to a halt over proposed budget cuts. With the military's bottom line on the chopping block, Senators are reluctant to spend credits on new initiatives.

While the UEE has been slow to address the issues in the Fora system, concerned citizens and civilians are coming to their aide. Xavier Yu of the Terra-based non-profit the Empire's Overlooked, which advocates for unrepresented systems - claims that ignoring Fora's famine is just the latest stain on the UEE's record when dealing with the system.

Recently, Yu championed a bill that would both aid the people of Hyperion while also investigating the issue. Yet, Senator Glasi from Vosca has blocked the bill from being voted on.

Sick and tired of waiting for action to be taken, Yu raised private funds so that the Empire's Overlooked could send direct aid. He personally loaded food onto a Merchantman destined for Hyperion. He believes that creating a supply line into Hyperion will guarantee that the food helps the people there.[2]

Landing Zones


HyperClay storms have slowly reclaimed this city for the desert. Now a small backwater town, Shoel has a population boom during the annual Hyperion Rally, a Racing event for open canopy craft such as the Dragonfly or Nox. The event has become renowned for drink, drugs and death, yet continues to maintain corporate sponsorship deals.[2][3]

Other Locations

Secret UEE Navy Base

This is the location seen in the infobox image, which comes from a leaked classified video entitled "pe_29470505_foraiii_tl-confiscated.spc". The video was obtained by user BomberBoy2783 of Zero-G Heads Forums and shows an Aegis Eclipse prior to its declassification per the Historical Truth Act. It was subsequently leaked to the Spectrum by user SirFrancis.

"There was some poorly shot classified naval footage that was labeled Eclipse that I did a scrub on recently.

Had this old Naval base out in the middle of nowhere on Hyperion. I looked it up and technically, it's 'decommissioned,' and it definitely looks that way, but I think they have it classified that way so no one has a reason to stop by.

Anyways, the footage looks like handheld vid. There must have been a helluva dust storm when they shot it because even after cleanup the frame wasn't steady at that distance. From what I could make out, the ship definitely didn't match any ship I know about. The front tail of the vid said UEEN Bomber Command, so my guess is they caught someone filming their secret bomber and confiscated the footage."
User BomberBoy2783 on Zero-G Gear Heads Forums, 2947.05.10, 23:41 SET




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