Adelle Marker

Leading Starman serving on the UEES ''War Hammer''
L.S. Adelle Marker
Race Human
Gender Female
Role Crew member, UEES War Hammer
Faction UEE
Current Employment
Occupation Enlisted crew member
Employer United Empire of Earth Navy
Military Service
Rank Leading Starman
Years of Service ? - Present

Leading Starman Adelle Marker is an enlisted member of the United Empire of Earth Navy, serving aboard UEES War Hammer. During Invictus Launch Week 2951, her commentary was displayed on a sign entitled 'A Proud Lineage'.[1]

I remember the exact moment that I stepped aboard the UEES War Hammer for the first time. To me, it was already a legendary ship. Sure, most people dream about serving aboard the Krugeri or something, but I'd grown up hearing about the War Hammer. My dad served on it immediately after graduation, so I think the thing that struck me most was its sense of history. This was a ship that's distinguished itself in some of the biggest military operations of the past hundred years, and the crew always seemed to carry that shared sense of duty to live up to the high standards set by the last generation of crewmembers. I could see why it had such a profound effect of my father and why it continues to have a profound effect on me.


  1. In-game signage, Alpha 3.13.1
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