UEES War Hammer

UEEN Javelin-class destroyer, in active service
UEES War Hammer
Vehicle ClassDestroyer
ManufacturerAegis Dynamics
AppearancesStar Citizen
Commissioning Date2832
Commanding OfficerCaptain Metcalf

The UEES War Hammer is a Javelin-class destroyer currently in service with the United Empire of Earth Navy.


The War Hammer began active service in 2832, under the command of Captain Omar Singh as a combat support vessel of the 2nd Fleet, 6th Battle Group close to the Vanduul front.[1] This would make the War Hammer a Flight 3 Javelin[2]

On June 25 2861, the vessel was boarded by Vanduul raiders in a surprise assault. The assailants used Vanduul Boarding Spikes to get past point defense systems. Five off-duty starmen perished within moments, but the crew was ultimately able to repel the boarders, with the destroyer ultimately claiming victory.[3]

The vessel was present during the fall of Caliban on July 7 2884, protecting retreating civilians and naval forces. It earned a Ribbon of Valor for this engagement.[1] XO Sander Freelin in their after-action report and Gunner Tobin Lemk in a letter home both noted damage caused by the heat generated from sustain fire had begun to damage the ship: observations that led to improvements in future Javelins.[3]

In the following decades, the War Hammer transferred between numerous roles and fleets, including participating in the reclamation of the Nexus system.[1]

Most recently, It participated in the 2951 engagements against XenoThreat in the Stanton system, aided by members of the Civilian Defense Force.[4] During these engagements, it destroyed over 70 enemy vessels and several capital ships.[1]

It participated in 2951 Invictus Launch Week and 2952 Invictus Launch Week, with tours offered to visitors.[5]

Known Crew




  • Due to an intermittently malfunctioning gravity plate for a brief period in 2928, the crew of the War Hammer habitually hop over a particular step in one of the ship's stairwells, known as the 'Skip Step'.[3]
  • The ships mess serves a special dish referred to as "warhalwa". It is a carrot halwa (a sweet, cardamom-spiced pudding) requested by the first Captain Omar Singh to celebrate his birthday. It is traditionally served on special occasions and celebrations on board. Lt. Con Timway credited the carrots in the dish for setting the new naval accuracy record in 2902.[3]
  • As is customary with Javelin-class ships, the War Hammer is named after a weapon.[6]



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